Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Crazyness: Personal Update

Hi everyone.

So, in my last post I talked about things that I wanted to do to make myself feel good this holiday... And I've done quite well for the most part :3

I've been working like crazy and haven't had much opportunity to wear lolita, which makes me sad because I was hoping to post some outfit shots this month. Oh well :/

Ive also been working really hard on my dresser, but it's a tedious task to sit there and paint flowers on it.

My heart also go out to the victims of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. It was such a senseless incident.

And I'm so tired of hearing everybody talk about what's going to happen December 21, 2012. I've heard so many strange things: the world will end, the aliens are coming, solar flare, meteor hitting the Earth, a shift in consciousness, and nothing will happen. I don't know what to believe, but it's nothing we can control, so why talk about it. There must be a better topic to discuss.

And I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done :D

Anyway, I hope to make more lolita related posts soon. And maybe open an etsy shop!
I hope everyone is having fun preparing for the holidays.
<3 Aina

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