Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Did everybody have a good holiday?

My Christmas was extremely hectic. On the 23rd we spent the evening with my boyfriend's family and had dinner. Here are a few of the gifts I got:

I got a Domo! And the cute yak from Harvest Moon! The yak is so soft <3

Then on the 24th, we went to my Grandpa's house. I wasn't feeling well so I had my Mom take me home ofter a few hours. I felt really bad for leaving but I just wanted rest and that's hard for me to do when there are people around ;-; But I got to spend a little bit of time with everyone. They sent my gifts home with my Mom and Dad.

My Grandpa gave me a card with $50 <3

 Bath set from my Auntie :D

A cat hat and pajama pants with Eeyore from my other Auntie! I've always wanted a hat like that with the hat, scarf and mittens all in one. And the pants are SUPER soft.

Later that night, my boyfriend and I went to my parent's house to open presents because the BF had to work the next day D': I really enjoyed watching my parents open their gifts. We gave my Dad 3 flannel shirts, a leather wallet, cologne, and Gran Turismo 5. We got my mom a matching necklace, earring, and ring set and tickets to see Bon Jovi in concert. She was so surprised >:D I got my boyfriend a .25 ACP, but he already knew he getting that because he picked it out. I also got him the Yu-Gi-Oh Jaden Yuki Starter Deck. Here are the things I got from my parents and boyfriend:

 My parents got my a compound bow, extra arrows, and an arm guard. I really like archery so this was cool gift. And it's something I can do with my Dad.
They also gave me a $100 Visa giftcard!

 My Dad gave my $61.10 in dimes XD

 My Mom got my this pretty necklace. I have a lot of Spring/Summer clothes that will look great with this!

And they gave me some tea. 

My boyfriend bought me the movie 'Thirteen" which I absolutely adore. And a wardrobe for my lolita clothes!! I've wanted one forever and now I finally have it (but now we have to put it together...)

On the 25th, my boyfriend had to work so I went to my Mom's and spent the day with her side of the family. We had lunch and visited for several hours. It was a lot of fun watching everybody else open gifts. (I had opened most of mine the night before.) I got $50 from my other Grandpa and his girlfriend. And a giftcard for Red Lobster from my Uncles. <3

I also got a lot of candy and cookies from everybody.

And earlier in the month I got a very unexpected gift from my best friend...

She got me a Coach bag and matching wallet. A REAL COACH BAG! I was so shocked because even if you buy them secondhand they are still a bit pricey. So needless to say, I was very happy and thanked her profusely.

My Christmas was pretty awesome and I really enjoyed spending time with everybody.

Have a Happy New Year.

<3 Aina


  1. Ahh! Tea for a gift! Is amazing! The bath set from your aunt is so cute!

  2. And the best thing about the tea is that the black holder thingie can be hung on the wall! Hooray for space savers!